Tourism Flanders & Visit Oostende: My Ensor.

Tourism Flanders and Visit Ostend wanted to give extra attention to the exceptional talent of the Flemish painter James Ensor. To gain attention for the new exhibition in Ostend, a TikTok campaign was launched in several countries all over Europe.

Creators were asked to produce a video in which they were wearing a self-made mask that they put in an environment where they dare to be themselves. In the caption they were encouraging their fans and followers to follow their example. From each country, the client chose one winner, rewarding them with a duo ticket, including travel costs from anywhere in the world, 2 nights stay in a hotel and an entrance ticket to visit the Ensor Huis. 

The influencers from UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France were featured on the fourth page of ForYou, resulting in an incredible result.


  • Total views: 30.000.000
  • Total Interactions: 2.100.000
  • Influencers part of the campaign: 11
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