Just Entertainment: First Kiss Movie Promotion.

For the newest movie First Kiss from Just Entertainment, we had to launch a campaign on TikTok. The movie was aimed at young girls and teenz and with advertising on TikTok, of course, we could reach the right target.

A large section of the budget was used for a branded content campaign and an Advertisement campaign. The idea of the campaign was that the Influencers used an overlay from the film. In the video's, we used the title song of the movie, and the Influencers were kissed on there faces wearing First Kiss clothes.

Video’s where their faces were covered with red lips (just like the branding they used for the movie). At the day of the première, we arranged a limousine that brought all the Influencers to a restaurant in the middle of Amsterdam and afterwards to the première. The limousine was full of branded stickers and logos from the movie and could be seen many times on social media in many stories and posts.

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