Hamsta: A licensing company taking over the world with TikTok.

Hamsta - a licencing company similar to a Hello Kitty - asked us to launch a campaign in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. The goal was to activate people to make a video with there new Hamsta character; Cotton Kelly, and to promote the cover song “Squish It”.

For this campaign, we made a challenge, the #squishitchallenge. The idea was that the Influencers from NL, BE and the UK made a video where the squish something, like a bottle of paint or ketchup, similar to the YouTube campaign that launched a week before.

In this campaign, we also delivered branded overlay videos. Thousands of people did the Hamsta squish it, and in a couple of days, the account of Hamsta on TikTok grew with more than 6.000 followers.

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