COMM and RIFF: Event promotion for Influencers event.

Together with Riff we created a marketing campaign for a local museum in the Netherlands. For the upcoming months, the museum (COMM) was hosting an Influencer event, and the tickets weren't selling well enough. In a couple of days, we had to set up a strategy together with Riff to resolve this.

We created a campaign where we asked several big Influencers on TikTok to announce that they will be at the Influencer event at the museum for the upcoming weekends. They also promoted the other influencers in the regular programming of that weekend.

The effect was that the tickets sales went up and that many people came for the TikTok Influencers, so we attracted a new audience for them. It was such a success that in December of 2018 we launched - in collaboration with Riff and Comm - a 3-day special event with many popular Influencers from TikTok.

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